Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Piper sarmentosum ( Kaduk )

Note the tiny white flowers that are borne on short yellowish spikes that form on the leaves axils

Deep green, heart-shaped and glossy leaves of ' kaduk ' against a bark wall.

Continuing my series on ' kambatik species ' plant, today I'll touch upon a plat species from the piper family . It is a favourite of mine for the following reasons:

a) Provides a deep green wash to walls, fences etc . Its glossy leaves and white tiny and upright flowers add lustre to the composition.
b) Suitable for semi-shady locations around the house
c) Not a vigorous climber, therefore less maintenance work
d) Not prone to diseases and pests attack
e) Useful for edible landscaping portions of the house. When chopped into small pieces, the leaves produced aroma popularly used to make " kerabu" which is our local herbs mix giving it a 'peppery 'taste

Typical of the piper family, it has smooth-edged,heart shaped leaves. This plant is also native to Malaysia.

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